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Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) is a unique institution that provides academic programmes and engineering technology skills training within the same campus. The university’s programmes are focused on engineering, information technology, business management and related areas. UNITEN not only prepares its graduates to become knowledgeable and competent professionals, but also to develop them as well-rounded individuals with a broad intellectual outlook.

UNITEN is one of the first private universities in Malaysia and is wholly-owned by the public listed Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), one of the largest utility companies in South-East Asia. Though relatively new as a university, UNITEN is moving rapidly towards establishing itself as the regional centre of educational excellence. The support and commitment it receives from its holding company, TNB, has enabled it to accelerate the infrastructure development of the campus.

The number of programmes it offers would be increased accordingly, in line with its commitment to serve the needs of the nation and other countries that look to Malaysia for assistance to meet their requirements for tertiary education. UNITEN strives to provide quality education to prepare students for positions in industry, commerce and academia. The comprehensive and innovative programme content and teaching techniques are designed towards expanding the frontiers of learning. Students will be challenged to develop into multi-skilled professionals possessing mental, intellectual and emotional fortitude to succeed in life.

The curricula, further enhanced with project work, research, open-ended experiments and practical training, are designed with inputs from the industrial and commercial sectors as well as from local and foreign universities. The emphasis is towards producing professionals to fulfil the needs of the industry of commerce in particular and the nation in general.

The selection of lecturers and advisory staff is based on their qualifications, professional experience, teaching expertise and professionalism, passion for their respective subjects, and their commitment to share their knowledge and experiences with the students.


To be a premier university in engineering, information technology and business


We are committed to deliver a unique and enriching learning experience that fosters innovation and research


UNITEN’s Putrajaya Campus is located about 25 km south of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur near Kajang in Selangor and easily accessible via a number of highways. It is strategically located within the Multimedia Super Corridor, a mega project area dedicated to information technology development that has attracted renowned companies from all over the world to conduct their research and development activities. It is close to Cyberjaya, the hub of major MSC activities and is just next to Putrajaya, the Malaysian government’s new administrative centre.

The Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus is located at the south eastern part of the state of Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. The setting-up of the branch campus is in line Tenaga Naional Berhad’s aspiration to heed the government’s call in providing more educational opportunities to rural students to pursue their studies at institutions of higher learning. It is also hoped that this would act as a catalyst for economic growth, specifically in Bandar Muadzam Shah and the East Coast of the peninsular in general.


The university’s programmes are focused on engineering, information technology, business and related areas. UNITEN offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are conducted by four academic colleges and one institute:

  • College of Engineering
  • College of Information Technology
  • College of Business Management and Accounting
  • College of Graduates Studies
  • Institute of Liberal Studies

All academic programmes are formulated to meet the academic requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). In addition, engineering and accounting degree programmes are designed to satisfy the requirements of the relevant professional bodies internationally and locally.


UNITEN offers postgraduate programmes within the academic fields of engineering, information technology and business. The postgraduate programmes are managed by the College of Graduate Studies. Candidates for postgraduate programmes are required to have a good first degree.

The main role of the College of Graduate Studies is to administer graduate programmes offered by three academic colleges, i.e. College of Engineering, College of Information Technology, and College of Business Management and Accounting, and initiates efforts in the pursuit of research and development activities in the areas which have high potential. The postgraduate programmes are available by research, by coursework and research, and by coursework and project.


Mode of Study

Structure A (research mode):
Candidates conduct research under academic supervisors and prepare a thesis to fulfill graduation requirements.

Structure B (mixed mode):
Candidates will have to register and pass a certain number of taught courses as part of the graduation requirements. In addition, they will have to complete a research project under academic supervisors and prepare a dissertation for the remaining part of the graduation requirements. The contribution of each component (coursework and dissertation) is about 50%.

Structure C (coursework mode):
Candidates will have to register and pass a certain number of taught courses as part of the graduation requirements, as well as complete a project and prepare a project report for the remaining part of the graduation requirements. The contribution of the coursework component exceeds 80%.

List of Graduate Programmes
The programmes offered that are currently conducted following these 3 structures are as follows:

By Research (Structure A)

  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Engineering
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Information & Communication Technology
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Management
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Industrial Science
  • Master of Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Civil Engineering
  • Master of Information Technology
  • Master of Industrial Science

By Coursework and Research (Structure B)

  • Master of Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering

By Coursework and Project (Structure C)

  • Master in Engineering Management
  • Master of Business Administration

Entry Requirements

 Programme Requirements*
Structure APhD• Master in the relevant domain, or
• Master in a related domain with 2 years experience in the domain (including at least 2 publications in the domain), or
• Bachelors in the domain with 1st class with honours or CGPA 3.75 and above
Structure A
Structure B
Masters• Bachelors in the relevant domain with 2nd class upper with honours or CGPA 2.75 and above, or
• Bachelors in the relevant domain with 2nd class lower with honours or CGPA 2.33-2.74 and and 1 year experience in the domain and at least 1 publication in the domain, or 2 years experience in te domain
• Bachelors in a related domain with 2nd class upper with honours or CGPA 2.75 and above, and 1 year experience in the domain (including at least 1 publication in the domain)
Structure CMasters (as offered)• Bachelors in the relevant or related domain with 2nd class lower with honours or CGPA 2.50 and above

• Applicants with minimum 2 years experience are preferred

* All degrees must be recognised by UNITEN

All courses and examinations will be conducted in English, and project reports, dissertations and thesis are to be written in English. As such, all candidates need to have an appropriate level or competency in English, without which they will have to either attain the required level before submitting their application, or choose to follow and pass an intensive English course at IKAL in UNITEN prior to registration - Intensive English Programme for International Students (IEP).

The necessary level of competency of English is defined as one of the following:

  • Credit 6 in the Malaysian Certificate or Education (MCE) / Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) / General Certificate of Examination (GCE).
  • MUET band 2 or 3 / TOEL score of 550 / IELTS score of 6.0.
  • Equivalent score of any of the above obtained at undergraduate level at a recognised university (document of proof of equivalence from the said university will have to be submitted).

Duration of Study

The status of candidates as either part-time or full-time students determine the duration of their minimum and maximum periods of study:

All programmes are offered full-time and part-time.

 Minimum (years)Maximum (years)
PhD (full-time) 25
PhD (part-time) 3 7
Master’s (full-time) – Structure A 13
Master’s (part-time) – Structure A 2 4
Master’s (full-time) – Structures B & C 1.53
Master’s (part-time) – Structure B & C 2.5 4


Academic Facilities and Resources
Fully-equipped lecture halls and classrooms, seminar and conference rooms, engineering technology skills training workshops and laboratories, personal computer laboratories, multimedia facilities that include campus-wide Digital Interactive Multimedia Distribution System (DIMDS), an auditorium, and a multipurpose hall.

Student Support Services and Student Development Activities
UNITEN provides an Olympic-size swimming pool, equestrian facilities and a mini-stadium for football to facilitate various events and activities of students.

On-campus student apartments at the Putrajaya Campus are available for 3,600 students. On-campus apartments are also available for married students. The apartments are comfortable with well-appointed facilities such as lounges and kitchenettes. Student bedrooms are either single room or twin sharing and each apartment unit houses four students.

Accommodation facilities at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus can house approximately 3,300 students. They are located close to the university’s other facilities and not far from the Bandar Muadzam Shah town centre. Cafeterias are available at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus in addition to food courts at each student apartment.

The library at the Putrajaya Campus is housed in a large purpose-built modern four-storey building, fully-equipped with an online integrated computerised library system. It is hooked up to the campus-wide Digital Interactive Multimedia Distribution System (DIMSD) facility. Besides book and periodicals, it has video and audio collections in digitised format, which are accessible through the DIMDS campus network. It has a large collection of periodicals in CD-ROM format. Its services also include linkages to local and international libraries for research and referencing.

Health and Medical facilities
There is an on-campus health and medical centre at the Putrajaya Campus. The services of a doctor are available at the centre during certain hours of the day.

At the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus, medical treatment can be obtained at the nearby Bandar Muadzam Shah Hospital.

Instructional Facilities
Lecture theatrettes and classrooms are conveniently located at various parts of the campus. These rooms are well-equipped and air-conditioned for your studying comfort.

Social, Recreational and Sport Facilities
For Muslim students at the Putrajaya Campus, there is a mosque within walking distance from most of the student apartments. The campus has excellent indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities that include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, track and field event facilities, and fields for soccer, hockey and rugby as well as courts for tennis, badminton and sepak takraw. There is also a multi-purpose hall with a gallery seating for 3,000 that is used for both sporting and cultural activities.

At the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus, there is a mosque within walking distance from the campus. There are also indoor and outdoor sports facilities available that included those for track and filed events, fields for soccer, rugby and hockey as well as courts for tennis, badminton and sepak takraw.

Address :
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
College of Graduate Studies
KM7, Jln Kajang - Puchong
43009 Kajang
Tel : 603-8921 2020
Fax : 603-8921 2065
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Contact Person :
Y. Bhg. Prof. Dato' Ir Dr. Mashkuri Yaacob

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  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Science (Life Science/Physical Science/Applied Science)
  • Computing & IT
  • Engineering & Engineering Trades