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Universiti Malaysia Sabah Centre for External Education (UCEE)

Backgroud of Institution

UMS Centre for External Education (UCEE), formerly known as External Campus Education Programme was established in October 1999 at Sandakan, Sabah.

UCEE was established to answer the challenge of the Malaysian Education Minister at that time, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak who wish to assist the untrained backup teachers (guru-guru sandaran). This noble idea to offer the External Campus Education Programme was the brainchild of the first Vice-Chancellor of UMS, YBhg. Tan Sri Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Abu Hassan Othman.

UCEE's MISSION is to provide life-long learning opportunities through the offering of quality academic programmes to all regardless of age at urban and rural areas while also assist UMS to introduce and to promote its educational products locally as well as internationally.

UCEE's VISION is to be a competitive educational centre that produces highly-skilled graduates in their respective fields as well as being well-rounded and versatile in any working ventured in.

To date, there are four (4) UCEE Learning Centres throughout Sabah namely Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau and Federal Territory of Labuan offering 13 Bachelor Degree programmes and 10 Master Degree programmes on Course Work basis.

Academic Strengths

UMS Centre for External Education (UCEE) offers 13 Bachelor Degree programmes and 10 Master Degree programmes on Course Work basis that are competitive, innovative and meet the current needs of the market and industries.

UCEE assist students in improving the level of skills and professionalism of the work force, both local and international, through the offering of quality external programmes.

People of all ages and from the urban and rural areas have the opportunities to pursue their higher level studies at UCEE.

Programmes Outline


HA24 History / - - -
HA02 Communication / - - -
HC00 Software Engineering / - - -
HS11 Environmental Science / - - /
HE10 Marketing / - - /
HE06 Financial Management & Banking / - - /
HE07 Financial Economy / - - -
HE05 Economic Planning & Development / - - -
HE11 Human Resource Economy / - - /
HE21 International Marketing - / - -
HE23 Islamic Finance - - - -
HC12 E-Commerce - / - -
HC13 Multimedia Technology - / - -


MBA Master of Business Administration / / - /
MHCM Master of Human Capital Management / - - -
MEcons Master of Economics / - - -
MCP Master of Counselling Psychology (MCP) / - - -
MEM Master of Education (Educational Management) / - / /
MET Master of Education (TESL) / - - -
MES Master of Education (Science) / - - -
MECE Master of Education (Computer in Education) / - - -
MEPHE Master of Education (Physical and Health Education) / - - -
MEC Master of Education (Curriculum and Instructional) / - - -

Academic Facilities & Resources

One Stop Centre (OSC)

OSC houses the academic counter, bursary and students affairs services under one roof to provide comfortable and systematic services to students. It is strategically positioned near the bus stops, lecture halls, bank, library, stationery stores and cafeterias.


Universiti Malaysia Sabah's library is one of the most beautiful academic libraries in Malaysia, having its main library at the main campus at Kota Kinabalu as well as learning centres at Sandakan and Labuan. The main campus can accommodate up to 4,000 users at any one time. Besides the usual book borrowing services, the main library also provides 170 cubicles for comfortable learning as well as seminar room, music room, auditorium and film screening room.


UMS provides comfortable and clean cafeterias in the campus and at the residential college. There are 5 cafeterias in the main campus providing a variety of affordable food and beverages to suit the customers' appetite.

Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology and Communication (JTMK), UMS provides efficient IT services to all staff and student using the latest equipment and technology.

Lecture Halls

Lecture halls and seminar rooms are provided in each Faculty in the University. The main lecture hall can accommodate a large number of students especially for those taking the compulsory subjects.

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities for Graduate Employability

UMS Alumni

Outline of Scholarships/ Financial Aids

  • PTPN
  • MARA
  • Sabah State Scholarship (BKNS)
  • Sabah Foundation
  • Malaysia Ministry of Education (KPM)
  • KWSP (Account 2)
  • Others

Recognition & Achievement


Address :
Universiti Malaysia Sabah Centre for External Education (UCEE)
Level 1, Faculty of Psychology and Education
Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Jalan UMS
88400 Kota Kinabalu
Tel : 088-320000 Ext. 8832, 8835, 8839
Fax : 088-320084
Email : Click here to email
Website :
Contact Person :
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hjh. Arsiah Hj. Bahron

Institution Profile

Courses Available

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  • Education (Teacher Training & Education Sciences)
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Medicine & Healthcare