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Institution Profile

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)


Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) started as a School of Agriculture in 1931. It was originally known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. The only one of its kind in Malaysia, it has moulded thousands of independent thinkers to become society leaders and entrepreneurs. Today, UPM is a multi-disciplinary, research-centred university offering a diverse range of high-quality, world-class programmes. We have 16 faculties, 2 graduate schools, 9 institutes, and14 centres. You can choose from 5 diplomas, 53 bachelor degrees and over 250 fields of postgraduate studies. Distance learning and part-time courses for working individuals are also available. At UPM, you will be among a thriving international community of about 26,000 students, including those from over 50 countries. Both our campuses (the main in Serdang, Selangor and a branch in Bintulu, Sarawak) provide a learning environment that is conducive and dynamic, surrounded by the splendour of nature and equipped with the amenities you would expect from a top university.

To ensure your needs are met, we have a workforce of about 6,000 staff with over 2,000 experienced academicians, most of whom are internationally recognized and prominent in their fields. They are here to provide you the best possible preparation for your future career. As one of the leading research universities in Malaysia, we focus strongly on teaching and learning, research and innovation as well as professional services. Our students are assured of the much needed international edge to equip them for the competitive job market. As a testimony of our ranking, UPM has won numerous awards and accolades to make it among the highest rated universities in the region.



  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Forestry
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications
  • Faculty of Human Ecology
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Faculty of Design and Architecture
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies
  • Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Food Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science (Bintulu Campus)
  • Faculty of Educational Studies


  • School of Graduate Studies
  • Graduate School of Management


  • Institute Bioscience
  • Institute of Advance Technology
  • Institute of Gerontology
  • Institute of Mathematical Research
  • Institute for Social Science Studies
  • Institute of Tropical Agriculture
  • Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Products
  • Institute of Agricultural and Food Policy Studies
  • Halal Products Research Institute


  • Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Arts and Cultural Centre
  • Islamic Centre
  • Centre of Foundation Studies for Agricultural Sciences
  • Innovation and Commercialisation Centre
  • Centre of Academics Development
  • Centre for Extension, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Advancement
  • InfoComm Development Centre
  • Centre of External Education
  • Research Management Centre
  • Innovation and Commercialisation Centre
  • Alumni Centre
  • Co-Curriculum Centre
  • University Business Centre (UBC)
  • University Health Centre


The School of Graduate Studies began in February 1993 and coordinates all postgraduate studies of the university. We manage 5,000 postgraduate students in 16 faculties and 9 institutes. We offer more than 250 fields of studies leading to masterís and doctoral degrees and have the highest percentage of academic staff with PhD qualifications among local universities in Malaysia.


Master Degree Programme

  • An applicant with a good scholastic achievement in the bachelor degree or its equivalent (subject to specific programme requirement).
  • An applicant without sufficient academic qualifications but possessing evidence of adequate related research or work experience may also apply for admission.
  • A student in the final semester of undergraduate study may apply for provisional admission provided his current CGPA satisfies the programme requirement.

Doctoral Degree Programme

  • An applicant must possess a masterís degree or its equivalent.
  • An application with an outstanding bachelorís degree with CGPA of 3.750 and above or equivalent to first class honours may, subject to any other requirements, also apply for direct admission into a PhD degree programme.
  • An application for provisional admission may also be made by a student who has submitted his masterís thesis for examination.

Language Requirement

  • A Malaysian candidate must have obtained at least a credit in English at Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia level or passed English courses conducted at the diploma or bachelorís level.
  • All international candidates from countries where English is not a medium of instruction must have obtained a minimum score of 550 for TOEFL or 6 for IELTS. This requirement is not applicable to candidates applying for admission to Malay Language Studies.
  • Provisional admission may be granted to an applicant who has obtained a score of 500-549 for TOEFL or band 5.5 for IELTS or its equivalent, who upon registration, is required to enrol and pass the Tertiary English Programme conducted by the university.


The graduate programmes offered by the university are categorised as follows:

  • Degree with thesis - PhD and master
  • Degree without thesis (coursework) - master only

Master Or PhD Degree With Thesis

Students pursuing the master or PhD degree with thesis shall:

  • Complete a minimum of 9 credits (master degree programme) and a minimum of 2 credits (PhD degree programme) of coursework;
  • Submit a thesis for examination at the end of the programme; and
  • Comply with the specific requirements of the relevant graduate programme, if any.

Master Degree Without Thesis

  • Students pursuing the master degree without thesis shall fulfill a minimum of 36 credits of coursework.
  • The submission of a thesis is not a requirement but a student may be required to:
    - submit a project report or case study equivalent to 4-6 credits; or
    - in case of certain programmes where a project or case study is not required, a student is required to register additional courses to fulfill the requirement of 36 credits and pass a Comprehensive Examination which adheres to the following rules:
    • a comprehensive Examination shall be conducted at the end of the final semester.
    • a student will be given two opportunities to pass the examination.
    • the second examination (if necessary) must be taken within sixty (60) days after the first examination.
    • failure on the second attempt will result in termination of his candidature.
    - The SGS administers, supervises and coordinates postgraduate programmes in all fields of studies except business and management. However, these postgraduate programmes are run by the respective faculties. Programmes with thesis consist of:
    • Master of Arts (MA)
    • Master of Science (MS)
    • Master of Veterinary Sciences (MV Sc)
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Master Programmes (Without Thesis) Offered By UPM

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Master of Plantation Management
  • Master of Land Resources Management
  • Master of Sustainable Resources Management
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Master of Veterinary Medicine (Without Credit Fee)

Faculty of Forestry

  • Master of Tropical Forest Resource Management
  • Master of Wood Industry Technology
Faculty of Science
Master of Applied Statistics

Faculty of Environmental Studies
Master of Environment

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Master of Computer Science (for first semester intake only)

Faculty of Economics and Management
Master of Economics

Faculty of Educational Studies

  • Master of Education (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Master of Education (Educational Administration)
  • Master of Education (Educational Psychology)
  • Master of Education (Educational Sociology)
  • Master of Education (Educational Technology)
  • Master of Education (Moral Education)
  • Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling)
  • Master of Education (Pedagogy)
  • Master of Education (Physical Education)
  • Master of Education (Sports Science)
  • Master of Education (Technical and Vocational Education)
  • Master of Education (Teaching of English as a Second Language)
  • Master of Education (Teaching of Malay as a First Language)
  • Master of Education (Teaching of Malay Literature)
  • Master of Human Resource Development

Faculty of Engineering

  • Master of Emergency Responses and Planning
  • Master of Engineering Management
  • Master of Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Environmental Technology Management
  • Master of Highway and Transportation Engineering
  • Master of Innovation and Engineering Design
  • Master of Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Master of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
  • Master of Structural Engineering and Constructions
  • Master of Water Engineering
  • Master of Water Management

Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication

  • Master of Applied Linguistics (without credit fee)
  • Master of Corporate Communication
  • Master of Malay Language (without credit fee)
  • Master of Malay Literature (without credit fee)
  • Master of World Literature (without credit fee)

Faculty of Design and Architecture
Master of Landscape Architecture (for second semester intake only)

Areas of studies (by research) offered by faculties for postgraduate programmes are:

Master and PhD Programmes (with thesis) Ė by research

Agriculture Forestry
• Agronomy
• Agribusiness
• Agricultural Economics
• Agrotechnology
• Animal Production
• Aquaculture
• Entomology
• Genetics and Animal Breeding
• Horticulture
• Land Resource Management
• Plant Pathology
• Forestry
• Parks and Recreation Management
• Wood Science and Technology
Economics And Management
• Economics
• Hospitality
• Tourism
Veterinary Medicine Engineering
• Anaesthesiology*
• Anatomy
• Aquatic Animal Health
• Avian Medicine*
• Bacteriology
• Epidemiology
• Equine Medicine*
• Haematology and Clinical Pathology
• Histology
• Immunology
• Laboratory Animal Medicine*
• Molecular Biology
• Parasitology
• Pathology
• Pharmacology
• Physiology
• Public Health
• Radiology*
• Ruminant Medicine*
• Small Animal Medicine*
• Surgery*
• Theriogenology and Cytogenetics
• Toxicology
• Virology
• Wildlife Health
* fee rate is equivalent to medical field
• Aerospace Engineering
• Agricultural Automation and Robotics
• Agricultural Process Engineering
• Biochemical Engineering
• Bioenvironmental Engineering
• Bioinformation System
• Biomechanical Engineering
• Bioprocess Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Communication Network Engineering
• Computational Methods in Engineering
• Computer Systems Engineering
• Control and Automation Engineering
• Electrical Power Engineering
• Electronic Engineering
• Embedded and Intelligent System Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Food Engineering
• Geotechnical and Geological Engineering
• GIS and Geomatic Engineering
• Highway and Transportation Engineering
• Hydroinformatics
• Industrial Engineering
• Instrumentation Engineering
• Manufacturing System Engineering
• Material Science and Engineering
• Material and Design Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Multimedia System Engineering
• Packaging Engineering
• Photonics and Fiber Optics System Engineering
• Project Management
• Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Water Resources Engineering
• Wireless Communication Engineering
Food Science And Technology
• Food Biotechnology
• Food Management (Master Only)
• Food Safety
• Food Science
• Food Service
• Food Technology
Educational Studies Science
• Curriculum and Instruction
• Educational Administration
• Educational Psychology
• Educational Technology
• Extension Education
• Guidance and Counselling
• Human Resource Development
• Moral Education
• Pedagogy
• Physical Education
• Sociology of Education
• Sport Science
• Teaching of English as a Second Language
• Teaching of Malay as a First Language
• Teaching of Malay Literature
• Technical and Vocation Education
• Algebra
• Analytical Chemistry
• Applied Mathematics
• Applied Optics
• Applied Radiation
• Biodiversity and Conversion of Natural Resources
• Biostatistics
• Catalysis
• Categorical Analysis
• Colloid Chemistry
• Communication Physics
• Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
• Dielectrics Science
• Distribution Theory
• Ecotoxicology
• Electrochemistry
• Environmental Biology
• Environmental Chemistry
• Experimental Design
• Functional Analysis
• Graph Theory
• History of Mathematics
• Inference and Diagnostics
• Magnetic Materials
• Materials Chemistry
• Materials Science
• Mathematical Statistics
• Microwaves
• Multivariate Analysis
• Mycology and Plant Pathology
• Nanoscience
• Natural Products Chemistry
• Number Theory and Cryptography
• Numerical Analysis
• Oleochemistry
• Operations Research
• Plant and Animal Genetics
• Plant and Animal Physiology
• Polymer Chemistry
• Pure Mathematics
• Quantum Science and Technology
• Robust Statistics
• Sensors and Instrumentation
• Solar Energy
• Stability and Optimization
• Stochastic Process
• Superconductors
• Survival Analysis
• Synthesis
• Theoretical Physics
• Time Series and Spatial Analysis
• Ultrasonic
Human Ecology
• Community Development
• Consumer Science
• Family Ecology
• Family Economics and Management
• Gender and Development
• Housing
• Human Development
• Music (Master Only)
• Philosophy and Civilisation Studies
• Politics and Government
• Psychology of Child Development
Modern Language And Communication
• Arabic Language
• Chinese Literature
• Communication
• English Language
• English Literature
• Malay Language
• Malay Literature
Design And Architecture
• Landscape Studies
• Architectural Studies
• Urban Design Studies
Medicine And Health Sciences Computer Sciences And Information Technology
• Chemical Pathology
• Community Nutrition
• Environmental Health
• Genetics
• Haematology
• Human Genetics
• Immunobiology
• Medical Microbiology
• Medical Parasitology
• Molecular Biology
• Molecular Medicine
• Nutritional Sciences
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Physiology
• Computer Graphics
• Computer Networks
• Database Systems
• Intelligent Computing
• Multimedia Systems
• Parallel and Distributed Computing
• Security in Computing
• Software Engineering
• Programming Languages and Systems
• Multimedia Information Retrieval
• Computer Vision
• Knowledge Management
• Information Systems
Biotechnology And Biomolecular Sciences Environmental Studies
• Animal Cell Biotechnology
• Biochemistry
• Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
• Environmental Biotechnology
• Food and Enzyme Biotechnology
• Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology
• Industrial Biotechnology
• Microbial Biotechnology
• Microbiology
• Nanobiotechnology
• Plant Biotechnology
• Structural Biology
• Environmental Education
• Environmental Analysis and Modelling
• Environmental Pollution Control Technology
• Environmental Economics
• Environmental Ethics
• Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology
• Environmental Planning and Management
• Environmental Policy and Governance
• Environmental Quality and Conservation
• Environmental System and Processes
• Marine and Fresh Water Ecosystem
Bioscience Advanced Technology
• Applied Microbiology
• Aquatic Biotechnology
• Bioinformatics
• Bioprocess Engineering
• Biotherapeutics
• Cell Biology
• Coastal Zone Management
• Diagnostics
• Enzyme Technology
• Fermentation Technology
• Genetic Diversity
• Genomics/Proteomics
• Immunology
• Marine Ecology and Biodiversity
• Medical Biotechnology
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Molecular Biotechnology
• Oncology
• Pharmacology
• Phytochemistry
• Plant Metabolite Engineering
• Protein Engineering
• Toxicology
• Vaccine Technology
• Advanced Materials Engineering
• Nano-material and Nano-Technology
• Automotive Engineering
• Energy Engineering
• Biomedical Engineering
• Computer Integrated Manufacturing
• Smart Technology and Robotics Engineering
• Agricultural Robotics Engineering
• Precision Farming Engineering
• Remote Sensing
• Spatial Information Engineering
• GIS and Geomatic Engineering
• Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Social And Science Studies
• Community Education and Development
• Peace Studies
• Rural Advancement
• Youth Studies
Gerontology Mathematical Research
• Geriatric Community
• Gerontechnology
• Gerontology
• Social Gerontology
• Analytical Methods in Number Theory
• Chromaticity of Graphs
• Computational Statistics and Inference
• Computer-Aided Instruction and Knowledge Management
• Computational and Mathematical Biology
• Computational Mathematics
• High Performance Computing and Distributed and Applications
• Instructional Design and Technology in Mathematics
• Mathematical Cryptography
• Network Theory and Applications
• Pedagogy in Mathematics Education
• Psychology of Teaching and Learning Mathematics
• Quantum Information Science
• Reliability Analysis
• Scientific Computing and Applications
• Fluid Dynamics
• Statistical Modelling and Forecasting
• Structural Theory of Algebras
• Wave Propagation
• Philosophy of Mathematics and Etnomathematics
Tropical Forestry And Forest Product
• Forest Disturbance Impact Evaluation
• Conservation and Forest Canopy Management
• Bioresource Management
• Bioresource Valuation
• Biocomposite Technology
• Nature Tourism
• Biocomposite Product Design
• Pulp and Paper Technology
• Biopolymer and Derivatives
• Bioresources Valuation
• Techno Economics in Biocomposite
Halal Products Research Tropical Agriculture
• Halal Food Analysis
• Halal Food Management
• Transgenic Technology
• Animal Biotechnology
• Animal Feed Technology
• Animal Production Integrated System
• Post-Harvest Technology
• Genetics and Breeding
• Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
• Environmental Plant Physiology
• Biointensive Pest Management
Agricultural And Food Policy Studies
• Agriculture Development Policy
• Natural Resources Development Policy
Faculty Of Agriculture And Food
Sciences (Bintulu Campus)
• Agronomy
• Animal Production
• Aquaculture
• Aquatic Biology
• Entomology
• Forestry
• Horticulture
• Land Resource Management
• Marine Biology and Ecology
• Parks and Recreation Management
• Plant Pathology
• Wood Science and Technology


Fields of StudyProgramme of Study
First SemesterMasterPhD
With ThesisWithout Thesis - With Credit FeesWithout Thesis - Without Credit Fees
Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM)
Social Science1,4002,4001,2002,2001,4002,4001,9002,900

Second and Subsequent SemestersMasterPhD
With ThesisWithout Thesis - With Credit FeesWithout Thesis - Without Credit Fees
Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM)
Social Science1,1502,1509501,9501,1502,1501,6502,650

Final SemestersMasterPhD
With ThesisWithout Thesis - With Credit FeesWithout Thesis - Without Credit Fees
Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM) Malaysian (RM)International Student (RM)
Social Science1,6502,6509501,9501,1502,1502,6503,650

Additional Fees per Credit (Master with credit fees)

M.Econ., M. Corp. Com, M. Applied Stats150 M. Land Resource Mgt + 500
M. Env., M. Tropical Forest Mgt 200 M. Plantation Mgt + 833
M. Wood Industries Tech 200 M. Sustainable Resources Mgt + 500
M. Computer Sc, M. Engineering250All Master Programmes (without Thesis) at Faculty of Educational Studies150
M. Landscape Architecture 250  

Note: + Basic fee included

Other Payments (International Students)
Visa : RM20.00 Ė RM100.00 (depending on country of origin)
Student Pass : RM60.00 per application
Social pass : RM90.00 per application
Special pass : RM100.00 (if application for renewal of student pass is late)
Journey Performed : RM500.00 (for students without visa upon entry to the country)

Cost of Living
The cost of living depends very much on the needs and life style of the individual student. Students should have adequate money to cover living expenses, clothing, books, travelling and others. The estimated cost of living is about RM1,500 .00 Ė RM2,000.00 (USD400 Ė USD530) per month including meals.

Address :
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
43400 UPM Serdang
Tel : 03-8946 6003
Fax : 03-8948 7273
Email : Click here to email
Website :
Contact Person :
En.Abdullah Arshad
(Head,Corporate Communication Unit)

Institution Profile

Courses Available

For detailed listing of the courses available, click here.

  • Manufacturing & Construction (Construction)
  • Medicine
  • Science & Mathematics
  • Service (Hospitality & Tourism/Food & Beverages/Culinary)
  • Social Science
  • Social Science (Communication)
  • Agriculture
  • Art, Design & Music
  • Business Administration & Management
  • Computer & Technology
  • Education
  • Engineering & Technical Skill
  • Health & Welfare
  • Humanities