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Mantissa College

About Mantissa College

Mantissa College was established in 1999 as an IT College. In 2003, Mantissa was awarded the Special Award Winning College by Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. Mantissa College is owned by PMI Education Sdn.Bhd. (PMI) (Reg No.629638V) which holds subsidiaries of PMI Management Training Sdn Bhd (PMT) and In-House Multimedia College (IMC) both in Kuala Lumpur.

With increasing demand for higher education in Malaysia, Mantissa grows considerably and expanded to 5 following schools with 4* multiple (of Main, North, East and South) teaching centres in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur :-

  1. School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS) ;
  2. School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) ;
  3. School of Computing and Design (SCD) ;
  4. School of Communication & Languages (SCL) ;
  5. School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPE) ;

Mantissa offers a variety of education programmes from Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor's to Master's degrees, professional and executive training programmes. New programmes in Executive training, degrees in Management, Marketing, HRM, Finance, Accounting, IT, Computing, Multimedia Design, Digital Animation, Post graduate Management programmes from Paris to UK.

The College has formed partnerships with several prestigious universities around the world and now offers a selection of business courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Credits earned can be transferred to partner Institutions of higher learning in Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and PRC China. Students who are opting for degrees to be completed in Malaysia can save up to 75% of total study cost abroad.

Mantissa offers students opportunities to complete 3 months of their degrees in Paris, UK or China under the Study Abroad Exchange Programmes with visiting Professors arranged to teach in Malaysia.

Our 600 students are coming from China, France, Ghana, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Botswana, Pakistan, Vietnam, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Fiji and Myanmar.

Classes are conducted during weekdays and over the weekend at four* locations (which are all within 10 min walk) in Taman Tun Dr Ismail: Bangunan AHP (main centre), RHB Block (North Centre), WIM building (East Centre) and the fourth at Uncle K (South Centre) which is also named as the MIND's (Mantissa In-House Design School). MIND's will conduct Bachelor and Master's degree classes on Multimedia Design and Digital Animation from ESGi – ICAN, Paris in collaboration with In-House Multimedia College ( with 18 years of expertise in teaching Multimedia Design courses in Malaysia.

Our Offerings

Postgraduate Level:

  1. PGSM International Executive Master of Business Administration (IEMBA)
  2. Twintech Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  3. MSc in Multimedia Design from ESGi-ICAN, Paris (pending MQA approval)

Undergraduate Level:

  1. 4+0 PGSM Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  2. 4+0 Twintech Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)
  3. 3+0 Twintech Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) International Business
  4. 3+0 BA in Digital Animation / Multimedia Design, ESGI-ICAN, Paris (pending MQA approval)

Diploma Level:

  1. Diploma in Business Administration
  2. Diploma in Information Technology
  3. Diploma in Graphic Design

Certificate Level:

  1. Certificate in Business Studies (CBS)
  2. Certificate in English Language (CIEL)
  3. Certificate of Competency in Early Childhood Education (CC-ECE)

Corporate Training:
Customized corporate training (from SBP, UK) for corporate sectors.

Academic & Research Strengths of the Institution

Our main academic strength will be the team of knowledgeable lecturers with high qualifications, headed by our Principal. Apart from that, the worldwide recognized postgraduate programme that we are offering is awarded by a top 10% university in France (PGSM). To flourish even further, the lecture class will also be jointly taught by visiting professors from time to time, and the mode of study introduced will be case study oriented syllabus that will ensure graduates to excel in the real scenario in workplace.

Student Support Services

Counselling Unit
Over at Mantissa, we provide free counselling services for students who are having difficulties in their academic field or personal issues.

Sim Venture Simulation Software
Effective 2010, students of BBA and MBA at Mantissa College will be using SimVenture programme through out some of the programmes in their studies. SimVenture, a multi-award winning business simulation gives students the opportunity to create and run their own virtual company in an engaging, authentic and challenging way.

Through this software, students will be able to make decisions and manage all aspects of their business either as individuals or teams. Besides, all events and decisions made by user throughout the game will be cordially recorded and enable lecturers and students to review the performance of the students at any point of the scenario.

Seminars by visiting professors
To expose our students with the up-to-date knowledge, Mantissa College often organized seminars or workshop to all students with the objective to expose students to the latest trends in the market. All seminars will be conducted at the Postgraduate Centre by visiting professors.

Field Trip for Postgraduate Students
Education is not the only striving factor at Mantissa and that is because we also help students create the beautiful and unforgettable memories which they can carry along all their lives. Recently, the MBA students from Mantissa visited a very well renowned company dealing with the business of information technology in Taiwan.

The trip was certainly an eye opener for the students which helped in gaining some useful experience in developing themselves. The tour leader certainly needs to be given credit due to her patience and support in taking the students around during their memorable trip. There was a motive which was the backbone of the trip where students were to have a marketing study tour in Taiwan.

Learning Resources & Facilities

A Dedicated Campus
Mantissa provides the necessary conducive environment for learning and development, to complement our quality academic programmes. Our campuses provide students with a comprehensive list of features and facilities to cater to our students' learning needs and comfort during their years with us.

Service Facilities:

  • Student Lounge
  • Registry Counter
  • Waiting or Counselling Room
  • Bursary Counter
  • Internet Centre
  • ICT Helpdesk
  • Surau
  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Auditorium
  • Computer Labs
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Teaching & Language Centre
  • University Placement Centre Academic Facilities:
  • Post Graduate Centre
  • Lecture Halls
  • Design Studios
  • Drawing Room

Institution's International Link

American Academy of Financial Management (
AAFM ® has over 10 Certifications that are globally recognized. Certifications Charters and Designations in Wealth Management, Risk Management, and as a Financial Planner , Financial Analyst, and Economist.

AAFM ® is Home to the CWM ® Institute for Wealth Management and Founded the US CWM ® Certified Chartered Wealth Manager ® Program

American Academy of Project Management (
American Academy of Project Management (AAPM™) was established in 1997. AAPM ™ under the authority of the IPMC ™ provides executive training worldwide through registered, sanctioned and accredited Executive Training and Alliance programs. American Academy of Project Management (AAPM™) was established in 1997. AAPM ™ under the authority of the IPMC ™ provides executive training worldwide through registered, sanctioned and accredited Executive Training and Alliance programs.

The AAPM™ is one of the world's fastest and largest project management institution with members in over 100 countries. The AAPM™ is a professional global body that is governed by a Board of Standards and a certification code of ethics and standards of practice.

Society of Business Practitioners (
The Society of Business Practitioners was formed by a number of experienced educationalists and business executives to fulfil a need to set standards and principles in business practice which could best be achieved by examination processes. They determined that both inexperienced and mature students should be able to follow a career in further education or be proficient in employment.

The Society endeavours to make its services available throughout the world and, to do this, is continuously working with colleges and educational institutions to ensure standards of tuition are met and maintained. In this way the Society has become one of the leading examining bodies in competency-based management skills and knowledge development.

Business and industry needs both qualified and entrepreneurial personnel who are ready to meet the market challenges which are constantly being faced on a daily basis.

Useful Information for International Students

Country The Federation of Malaysia comprises of Peninsular Malaysia, and the states of Sabah & Sarawak on the island of Borneo.
Geographic Location Situated between 2' and 7' to the North of the Equator line, Peninsular Malaysia is separated from Sabah and Sarawak by the South China Sea. In the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia lies Thailand, and in the south, neighbouring Singapore. Sabah and Sarawak are bounded by Indonesia while Sarawak also share borders with Brunei.
Area 329,758 square km
Population 27.17 million
Capital City Kuala Lumpur
People Malays comprise 57% of the population, while the Chinese, Indian and Bumiputeras and other races make up the rest of the country's population.
Language (Bahasa Melayu) Malay is the national language in use, but English is widely spoken. The ethnic groups also converse in the various languages and dialects.
Religion Islam is the official religion of the country, but other religions are widely practiced.
Government Malaysia follows the bicameral legislative system, adopting a democratic parliamentry. The head of the country is the King or the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, a position which is changed every five years among the Malay Sultanates. The head of government is the Prime Minister.
Weather The country experiences tropical weather year-round. Temperatures are from 21'C (70'F) to 32'C (90'F). Higher elevations are much colder with temperatures between 15'C (59'F) to 25'C (77'F). Annual rainfall varies from 2,000mm to 2,500 mm.

Admission Requirements

Any undergraduate degree; or approved Professional qualification Minimum of three (3) years of working experience Applicants without first degree or an approved Professional qualification Minimum of five (5) years working experience Required to take a case study examination to substantiate their application. Exemption ACCA, AIA, Post Graduate Diploma, AeU Executive MBA holders gain exemptions into the PGSM IEMBA.

How To Apply / Application Procedure

Checklists for Admission
Malaysian Students International Students
1. Photocopy of NIRC 2. Passport sized photographs 3. Highest Qualification Transcripts 4. Up-To-date CVs (for MBA students only) 5. Application Fees of RM 500* 6. Other supporting documents for your application (where necessary) 1. Photocopy of Passport 2. Passport sized photographs 3. Highest Qualification Transcripts 4. Up-To-date CVs (for MBA students only) 5. Application Fees of RM 1,200* 6. Other supporting documents for your application (where necessary)
NOTE: *The Application Fee of RM 500 or RM 1,200 is NON-REFUNDABLE

A crossed cheque, money order or bank draft or Telegraphic Transfer for the Application fee is to be made to

Bank Account : PMI Education Sdn Bhd
Bank Accounting Number : 2-14389-00020551
Name of Bank : RHB Bank Berhad
Bank Address : Taman Tun Dr.Ismail Branch Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
College Address : PMI Education Sdn Bhd (629638-V)
Level 1, Bangunan AHP, No2, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr.Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

You are required to fax a copy of your bank remittance advice for our information and fax to +603-7728-5801


AAPM – American Association of Project Management; AAFM – American Association of Financial Management SBP - Society of Business Practitioners, UK; IFA – Institute of Financial Accountants, UK International Professional Managers Association, UK


  • Special Award Winning College 2003
  • HSBC Young IT Entrepreneur Awards
  • MSC - Asia Pacific ICT Awards (MSC-APICTA) 2002

Address :
Mantissa College
Level 1, Bangunan AHP,
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel : +6 (03)-7728 5215, 7728-5271, 7726-3333;
Fax : +6 (03)-7728 5801
Email : Click here to email
Website :

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